Physical Therapy

True recovery is never easy, but at Advanced Correction Chiropractic, our goal is to help establish the most effective path of rehabilitation for your injury or condition and relieve any pain as fast as possible. This often includes exercises that aim to correct and strengthen targeted areas of your body, and we do this by creating a customized treatment plan for each person who walks through our door.

Whether you need post-surgical rehabilitation from a sports injury like an ACL tear, or you simply need to recover your full range of motion in a specific area of your body, our team is here to help. After careful evaluation, we recommend the best-fit therapeutic treatments and exercises that we offer to help you move toward full recovery.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy

The ultimate goal is to get you back doing what you love and living life whole and healthy, but specifically, physical therapy can bring lots of benefits to the body.

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Minimize muscle spasms
  • Restore muscle function
  • Restore full range of motion

Whether from sports, a physical injury due to an accident or you’ve simply lost some strength and functionality in your body, our team will work directly with you to meet your goals and stabilize your body back to good health.

With a unique rehabilitation plan designed just for you, you’ll feel comfortable and secure knowing that your body is getting stronger by the day and you’re one step closer to getting back to doing what you love. Let’s walk this journey of health and wellness together! Give us a call and we’ll help get you back on your feet in the most natural way possible.